vendredi 11 janvier 2013

Quizz : What Body Part Are You Attracted To?

What Body Part Are You Attracted To?

1. Do you check a person's face above anything else before talking/hitting on them?
2. Does a the way a persons face look determine if you want to be with them? !
3. You like a guy whose packin down there?
4. Is the kiss the ultimate sign of love for you?
5. Do you find yourself touching a persons stomach as a sign of affection?
6. Do you like someone that eats a lot?-
7. You ever find your eyes lowering to mans groin?
8. You like a person that works out?
9. Does a man's penis size determine the relationship between you and them?
10. In the past 2 month have you grabbed at least 3 peoples butts?
11. Do you find yourself staring at a persons butt?
12. Does the person you are datings bra size change the way you fell about them?
13. Does Carmen Electra appeal to you?
14. Do small pieces of clothing covering ones ass turn you on?
15. Do you like cleavage?

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